Locally Made guidebook for changklan district and nearby

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This is locally made version of guidebook, focus on places around Changklan district and nearby. Lists added by us and our lovely guests. We wish you have a good time in Chiang Mai! 


Wat Chedi Luang is 14th century temple, where the City Pillar Shrine is located, famous for its enormous Chedi. This is main temple of Chiang Mai where Thais go for ceremony. 15 mins walk from your guesthouse.

Three kings momument is sculpture of Kings Mengrai, Ramkamhaeng and Ngam Muang, founding fathers of Chiang Mai. There are Chiang Mai city art & cultural center and Chiang Mai historical center behind the sculpture.

Don't forget to check out food avenue at Intrawarorot street nearby. 22 mins walk from your guesthouse.

Wat Phra Singh is the historical temple of Chiang Mai. Huge and shiny golden Chedi inside. 25 mins walk from your guesthouse.

- We recommend this loop walk so you can see almost everything in the old city, start from Wat Chedi Luang temple ->Three King monument -> Wat Phra Singh temple.

Khongmaekha is newly renovated canal for locals along this area, they re happy with a nice pathway and more clean canal. A good place for walking and relax in the city, new local shops are more to come. Many people in the evening. 12 mins walk from your guesthouse.

Khua Lek (The iron bridge) is beautiful bridge of Chiang Mai made from metal, beautiful lights in the night time. You will also find many good restaurants along the river (opposite side) 16 mins walk from your guesthouse.

Angkaew Reservoir is inside Chiang Mai University. This place is great for walking or just chill out. Beautiful lake and big mountain at the backdrop. Many people in the evening. 14 mins by Grab bike / 20 mins by Grab Car.

Wat Sri Suphan (The silver temple) this is beautiful silver color temple with many fine details inside. Just 16 mins walk from your guesthouse.

What makes this temple interesting is that it located right next to the Ping river. The temple itself also beautiful. You can see beautiful river view there and don't forget to check out the river cruise coffee shop with chillin river atmosphere. 18 mins walk from your guesthouse.

Entertainment & Activities

Sunday walking street at Rachadamnoen road. Every Sunday night start from 5.30 pm till 10.30 pm. Many things to see, city walking, shopping, massage, Thai foods every Sunday night here.

PS. Chiang Mai also has saturday market at Wualai road, it's another street. click here for saturday walking street

Main market in the heart of Chiang Mai. Local favorite with many local foods and items.

Cool art gallery and cafe that not far from us. Many northern Thai style art and southeast Asia art. Beautiful place, free for public visit.

Nice park with big pond. Good for walking and exercise.

This coffee shop is the new ideal spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry while watching the river flow by. This cafe is right next to the Ping river and has a cozy and relaxing atmosphere that will make you feel at ease.

Live show in the night by talented musicians. Good place for meet people like you, Jazz lover.

The secret bar with excellent cocktails. Inside the building, you need to find where is the real entrance door to the main bar.

Kad Na Mor is mixed of small shops and restaurants, some restaurants here also delicious. Open evening to night time. You will feel young again at this place because it's teenage hangout place.

This shopping mall has a very good view on the top floor and also rooftop bars at night. (from our latest update, they open to access at late evening) This mall located at Nimmanhemin road where trendy cafes, restaurants and bars are gathering.

The first book store in Chiang Mai open since 1954. Suriwong has wide variety of books both Thai and English.

Food & cafe

Coffee shop with many bears inside. If you like bear you will love this place. Food also available here. Closed Wednesdays.

Delicious Thai meals with beautiful river view. Also good prices.

Good mixed of Chiang Mai taste and western dishes, not like anywhere.

Discover fresh, quality seafood and authentic Thai flavors at this charming restaurant.

This is favorite market for locals, there're many food stalls, fresh foods and fruits.

Delicious western meals and coffees with their classic wooden door decoration.

Family-run gem offering exceptional service and delicious food. Chef Boy personally presents each dish. A unique blend of warmth and culinary excellence.

This place is close to your home. "Sababa Hummus Chiang Mai" Yummy Mediterranean foods in the heart of Chiang Mai, simple chillout & laid-back vibe with home-style cooking for people who want good food made from the heart.

All of the dishes are prepared from scratch using the freshest ingredients. Gluten-free & vegan options available. Come and enjoy fresh food made with love.

Kanomwan means sweet dessert in Thai, located on Chang Moi road, a historical trading street where you can find local cafes, restaurants and shops. Popular place for teenage.

Retro style Japanese restaurant with friendly prices. All 59 baht per dish. Don't miss to try delicious fruit beers here.

Delicious mango stick rice nearby. They open at late afternoon to night time.

Weave Artisan Society" is a refurbished 45-year old icehouse turned creative hub with an on-site cafe for local designers and craftsmen. It features a flexible space using materials that reflect its industrial heritage and craftsmanship, with added comfort from trees and vegetation. The space is designed to adapt and evolve with its users, providing a unique experience for both locals and tourists.

This cafe has so many colorful flowers and the second floor has art gallery from local artists.

Cafe​ with jungle feelings. Delicious cake and meals.

Food plaza in the city with many seats, many local food options here. They have seats around pond and fountain. Open in the evening.

This noodle shop is local favorite, and located in popular food street of Chiang Mai. You will also find many delicious Thai foods along this street.

Ohkajhu is popular for salad and steak menus. One of famous restaurant in town.

Famous coffee shop of Chiang Mai. Good taste and good vibe.

Popular Vietnamese restaurant in Chiang Mai.

You can find almost every Thai foods at this food plaza; it's a good idea to visit this air-conditioned food plaza when the outside air feels so hot. Kad Luang Airport is located at the ground floor of Central Airport Plaza.

This tiny shop may be hidden in a local market but they're always busy. Fresh rice vermicelli, Khanom Chin, comes doused with any of the five kinds of curry. Also available is Khao Soi, northern noodles. Side vegetables, pickles and herbs accompany every order gratis in unlimited abundance.


You can find many delicious Thai fruits here, fresh from farm.

This is famous city flea market, art market, organic market (whatever you call) open in the morning till noon on just Saturday and Sunday. It's worth a visit market for find something unique.

Supermarket in the city with foods, drinks and more, also wide variety of household products.


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